About Us

Coon Valley Dairy Supply has been a family owned and operated business for over seventy years. Started by the first generation, Ed Servais and Orville Aadland, it now has fourth generation employees. Ed Servais passed it along to his sons, Bob and Dan Servais and now, Larry Servais, the son of Bob, is sole owner of the business. The business has transformed a lot over the years as the amount of dairy farmers has grown smaller. Today, we aim to a larger spectrum of customers through hardware, lawn mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, and appliances. Coon Valley Dairy Supply draws customers from all over the Midwest.

Before the Dairy Supply was started back in 1946, Ed Servais was a car and farm equipment salesman. Him and Orville established their business in half of a rented building that has since been taken down. It opened a year after World War II ended which created a big jump in business as Midwest farmers were starting to get electricity. You can now find the Coon Valley Dairy Supply in its current location that was built in the 1960s by Ed on the west side of town.

Today, you will find three generations of employees at the Dairy Supply, including the owner, Larry Servais; his parents, Bob and Marilyn; his kids, Jesse and Beth; and his uncle Dan and his wife Marybeth. Some of the main vendors include LS Tractor, Gravely, Ariens, Husqavarna, Bush Hog, and Maytag. The business prides its ability to take care of its customers after the sale and considers that the foundation of how the business was built.

Coon Valley Dairy Supply